Create pt - code print

Does anyone know how important it is for student’s code pdf to have the line numbers?

My students are using the code print link below that was recommended.

They have been using it all year with no issues. Unfortunately for some reason as they are currently trying to use it for their create PT, the pdf that is generated does not include all the line numbers in the code. The code is all there but the numbering doesn’t appear until line 100-ish. Different laptops have been used and there is no rhyme or reason as to why this is happening.

Any suggestions or advice?

Numbering helps, but does not matter. I have graded many without numbers lines and never told to handle them any different.

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@mbakas As Jeff mentioned, the line numbers are very helpful if there. Remember, the course is language agnostic. The are curriculums that use Snap and Scratch programming which are block based languages. Those do not have line numbers. The AP Readers are able to follow and score the tasks.

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Same question. Is there another app/software that can be used to print the code for the Create Task?
The PDF generated by AP PT CodePrint © Baker Franke 2017 only shows lines numbers in the following scenarios:

  • if the code is one page long. The numbers will be there.
  • if the code is three pages long, only the third page of code will have numbers.

If the code takes up two pages, there won’t be numbers in the lines at all.

Very weird. This was not a problem in previous years.

Students can just take screenshots of their code and put it in a Google Doc and then create a pdf.

Yes. That is a good alternative.

I believe that the missing line numbers occurs when a line of code is too long. I have had students break a single long line into multiple shorter lines. Or change it to 10 point font (but College Board doesn’t want less than 10 point!). And the missing line numbers seems to be an issue on a page basis… some pages have line numbers and some do not.

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