Create Task - Group and Personal Responsibility - Need your help for clarification


Dear all,

I would like to have more guidance on the Create Task - Group & Individual effort.
I am confused and not sure how to guide the students:

Shall I have them start working on their part by themselves after they finialize the crucial part in their program? I mean…How and Who decideds the timing?
For the final project, that means they will have a slightly difference (or major difference) on the collaborative project? What’s the % ? There is no specific guideance on the % and the timing…That’s why I am not sure what to do right now…
Did any teacher encounter the same problem as me? Help!!



My read is that the students have choice. They can work together and separately on a spectrum from completely separate, they just have the other person to ask for debugging help if they want it, to mostly together with just one significant part of the program different. U5L10 Color Slueth is an example of the most collaboration that would work.

Thus because each pair has a choice, I don’t think as a teacher I can structure whether they are working together or separately at any given point in the 12 hours.
Would love other opinions on this.

I also have a question. Are the partners allowed to read each others write ups and help their partner with the write-up?


The AP CSP Handout from the College Board states that students are not allowed to seek assistance or feedback on answers to prompts.