Create Task similar to Color Sleuth

One student has made a program for his Create Task that is very similar to the Color Sleuth.
He added extra squares and did write the code. This is a very good student that could potentially earn a very high score on the AP Exam. So, he wants to make sure that his idea is okay even though it is similar to the Color Sleuth.
I’m not sure if he should come up with something else?

Big picture: I do my best not to ever tell a student whether I think an idea is “okay” (because I don’t want to give the okay for something and then find that the readers disagreed with me and get a call from the students or parents over the summer). Ultimately the student gets to decide! We want to be the arbitrator and tell them yay/nay, but at this point its up to the student to make that decision. The best you can do is give them the handouts tell them that if they feel confident based on the documentation that they should move forward based on their decision and gut, not yours.

To help them think about the regulations I might say something like this:
It gets a little tricky when students create code that looks like it might have been copied from somewhere else. The official statement is:

Because so many schools use the curriculum and are perhaps inspired by its content, the readers se a lot of products that relate and can sometimes feel more like plagiarism than an original product. If a student used any of the code in Color Sleuth (or that a reader might believe is from Color Sleuth) as a base for their create product, that sounds like something to cite. It is also very important that when the student completes the written portion, they should write about a portion of the code that is their own and unique - not analogous to any portion of color sleuth. If you feel like you’re walking too close to this line, maybe rethink your product. If you think you can articulate how the work is unique and your own, continue on!


Thank you - this helps me with what to say