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I am pretty sure the answer is no, but one of my students asked if they could submit a video that is faster than real-time, for example, 1.2 speed.

Is this allowed?



I’ve actually thought about that myself. I love the question.

I’ll ask around to see if we can get an “official” response. My response right now is: as far ask I know, it’s not not allowed :slight_smile:



Not sure what the official word is - but I had students that did this last year. It still showed the functionality while meeting the time constraint. I think one student even record a narration over the faster video. There is significant time loss if the game has to be played to a score or if there are many buttons to click around. I hope you don’t discover it is not allowed. :pray:



from Crystal Furman at the College board (via Facebook).

Crystal Schweickert Furman -- We've had students do this before but they need to be very careful that the quality of the video doesn't suffer and that the reader will still be able to see the elements they need too see to grade. A student submitted at 10x speed last year and that made it close to impossible to understand what was happening in the video.
So there you go. Basically, the spirit is that the video needs to clearly show the core functionality. If that means you need a little bit more than 60 seconds of real time, it’s okay to speed it up. But don’t push it, and don’t try to get away with something :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find any rule expressly disallowing editing so it’s inbounds. I think it’s particularly useful in the playing-a-game-to-a-certain-score scenario that @anmrobnott mentioned, where you should how it starts and then maybe zoom through game play, and slow down to show how the endgame works.


Thanks so much!! This is really helpful.