Creating a parade route for Balloons over Broadway

I was thinking of having my kids code a parade route for our Balloons Over Broadway segment in the 6th grade. We have made projects in the different areas, just couldn’t think which would be best suited for this particular assignment.

You’ve definitely peaked my interest! Tell me more about what you’re trying to accomplish. Were you wondering which platform to use?

Yes, I was trying to figure out which platform to use. I had my kids experiment today, and most chose artist to create a road. Essentially I was trying to get them to code a course map or specific route of our parade which will be through our school. We have plenty of hands on building and engineering, I was just trying to tie in digital coding as well.


Nice job tying in some computer science! :smiley: I think Artist works well for coding a map or route. It is a good option for students who have not had much experience coding.

App Lab has the turtle option which are the turquoise blue blocks. It will also draw a path on the app in much the same way as artist (with move forward blocks, etc). App Lab is probably a little more difficult because it uses JavaScript where artist is more like a simplified pseudocode with more dropdowns to help students make the right choices.

GameLab could work by having a sprite travel a map path but would take some prior lessons in learning about sprites and counter pattern to get them to that point. There is no “move forward” block.

I hope that helps!


Those are great. Thank you so much!