Circuit Playground Express Fantastic but some questions

My students have been using the CPE for 3 class periods and are finishing their first mini Project (U6 L3 levels 11/12) with it now. They are working in the Maker App. They are absolutely on fire and have surprised each other, me and themselves.
For pivotal projects I like to have them each take one slide of a google slide show (names, app Name, image of homeScreen that links to project) – and then we can enjoy all the projects from one slide show. But with CPE projects we need to run the code in the Maker App, yet the link will open a browser window. Is there a way for us to run our Gallery Walk via our linked google slides like this? If not, we’ll just do it the traditional way by walking around – that’s fun too, but I am curious about this linking business. Thanks

I would love to see these slides if possible. I’m about to try the unit for the first time.

sample gallery walk slides

Here are a couple examples along with my template slide. I just removed the links to their work spaces - don’t know how that would work anyway. Enjoy the unit!

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Hi @skenner,

I love the Gallery Walk idea! My first thought would be to right click on the link and find “open with” option but when I tried this it was not an option from Google Slides. So, would this work:

  1. Have students copy the links from the slides
  2. Go to Maker APP
  3. Go to the menu item “ Maker App” and click
  4. Choose “Open URL…”
  5. Paste the url

That should open other students’ projects. It is a bit of extra work than simply clicking but hopefully will work for you. Good luck!


thank you - we’ll try this.