Creating/modifying custom lessons/courses

Is there any way I can create custom lessons and courses for my classroom teachers to use that integrates with their PBL?

For example I would like to say take “Course 2: Lesson 6 Maze Loops” and keep the CS fundamentals in it but change the theme of each lesson to match the PBL topic that each teacher is doing for their grade level. So for 2nd grade instead of Angry bird and the Green Pig, I would like to make some sprites and other graphics, change some text so that now it is aligned with their PBL on pollination having a bee get to a flower, etc. 2nd grade also covers soil erosion so I would change the theme in that. Or 3rd grade has Native American Indians with the careful use of natural resources.

I see how to custom create tutorials in Tynker, but we don’t have money for Tynker. Scratch can be done outside of the environment with documents or videos but I was hoping for something more integrated the way Tynker does it. But I like’s CS lesson plan so I wish I could keep that and just modify the sprites, audio and text of each lesson.

Thanks for any tips.

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