Path for learning

I am a parent whos has been teaching code to my son’s second grade class. I have no background in coding and I love how easy the lessons are to move through. It feels like there is a gap in connecting the early grade level material with the later grade level material. What order should the courses be done in. I would love to see a flow chart to help me with pacing and content progression. When my son and I finished course 4, we felt a bit lost. It did not seem like we were ready for middle school, but there was mothing else to work on. Thoughts or ideas?


Thank you for helping out at your son’s school - that’s amazing! As is working on a K-12 scope and sequence, there are some gaps in the online learning component, and a lot of courses are switched to the classroom in middle School (mostly in Algebra, Science and a program called GUTS [Growing Up Thinking Scientifically]). Once finished with the online Code lessons, I’d suggest finding some books on Scratch (another drag and drop programming language) or looking into some physical computing “toys” like MaKey MaKey or Lego WeDo 2.0.
It might also be beneficial to repeat the lessons and see where you can make applications in daily life, instead of Computer Science being “just on the computer”.
Thanks again for your support and feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.