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Does anyone know if we could crop an image completely from its background. We tried using the lasso and crop but it didn’t do it. :frowning:

Ms. Ho,

If you are using a Mac, the Preview application allows a “magic lasso” (they call it Instant Alpha) to remove. Open the image in Preview and click on the “toolbox” for additional tools. Then select the wand (instant alpha) and click on the color you want to remove and drag you mouse slightly so the program has a chance to color match. Once the background is selected, you can delete. It’s best to have images with a solid background or close to solid (an eagle in the blue sky for example).

On a PC I don’t know, but I’m sure there are plenty of other tools that do the same.

Hope that helps and hoping to hear from someone with some experience in PC image cropping world!

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Hi Bradley,

Thank you. My students figured it out. :slight_smile:

I use Inkscape to do this on my PC, but I didn’t know your nifty Mac solution! A whole new world on my Macbook! Thanks!

Someone showed me how to eliminate most of the background using Word, leaving just a little to touch up when uploaded to Gamelab. What you do is insert a picture onto a Word document and on the left side of the toolbar you will see “Remove Background”. This allow you to mark areas to keep. After you have done that click “Keep changes”.

Photoshop is a great option to do this as well if you know it. I used it to create pictures with transparent backgrounds for my card.

You also might have students try This online background remover works pretty well and is free.

Mr. Kuhn

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