CS Fundamentals Volunteers

I am interested to find out how the “Find a Local Volunteer” group of people are vetted? Teachers and administration are interested in learning the specific details before bringing these people into their schools and classrooms. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Ms. Lavin,

Thank you for your question.

Code.org has performed no references or background checks on these potential volunteers and neither recommends nor certifies any volunteer.

It is entirely your responsibility to thoroughly check references or perform any background checks required by your school or district. Code.org provides no warranty, guarantees of suitability, or information other than the ability to contact these potential volunteers, and all liability in any use of volunteers rests only with you. Under no circumstances is Code.org responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any person’s reliance on this potential volunteer.

With that being said, last year was our first year to create a way for teachers to contact volunteers. We understand that it would be helpful to filter and screen volunteers, and it’s something that we may explore in the future.

Kind regards,