CSA Additional Coding Practice

Are there any additional coding practice sets that students can work on? I feel like I am missing some of the practical coding assignments I have seen in the past.

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Hi Dave,
The CSA curriculum from Code.org has the levels online, and then the Extra Practice worksheets that are in the resources area of each lesson plan.
For extra coding practice, (AP CS A Java Course — AP CSAwesome) is a good resource, and many teachers also use Coding Bat.

I’m interested in seeing resources others use in their classrooms to provide extra practice!



Hey, Fieldd -

This resource to Juicemind was shared in the CSAwesome google chat last week. It is like ‘Kahoot’ but specifically designed for CSA. It is free. Highly recommend. JuiceMind

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If you are looking for FRQ practice, this site has the FRQ questions for most of the previous exams. Past Free-Response Questions

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I have always been a fan of CodingBat as well as PracticeIT. Both have online coding opportunities to practice individual skills.

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