CSA Modules Release Date


I am interested in trying out the CSA curriculum in the summer. I understand it is currently being tested out, but not widely available. Is there a chosen release date for the material? I’d like to start planning my summer. Love CSD and CSP with code dot org, thanks!

Edit: I do see " The curriculum will be available at no cost to anyone, anywhere to teach, starting in Fall 2022. Professional learning for CSA will be available in Summer 2022."

But will there be a third option for a teacher to try out the curriculum in the summer without the PD program?


Hi @tsampson,

I am guessing that they are working hard now, and will continue to work through the summer, to implement any suggestions from the early testers and it will become available to all as stated in Fall 2022. I’m sure they will post here if that changes. The PD sessions are really good ways to get your eyes on the curriculum as well as the pedagogy of the course. I’m with you…I can’t wait to see it!


Thanks for the reply Michelle, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Looks like it has arrived AP® Computer Science A | Code.org :slightly_smiling_face: