CSD and CSP links that used to work

Hi - I feel that there might be some updates of curriculum links going on as links I have used all semester now do not work. Upon inspection the links that take me to a ‘not found’ page might have 2017 in the URL whereas when I start over (using a link on the ‘Page not found page’ such as Educator Resources) I go to a working 2018 page.
Anyway, I am not using a different workflow. Things seem to be changing on the back end. However we are in school for 2 more weeks. If things could remain the same until New England is out of school …


The new versions of the the curriculum have been made default. You can easily go back to the curriculum version you need by selecting the button in the upper right corner.

Thank you. I see now that I can select '17-'18 or '18-'19. Only when I select the '18-'19 option do the useful blue ‘View Lesson Plan’ buttons work. I guess I can just change my links now that I know what is going on - it was just weird when suddenly links wouldn’t work anymore. (We get out of school June 25.)
Thanks again for the tip.

Ah, so what you’re seeing is that the lesson plan links in the 2017 version of the course aren’t working any more. That’s definitely a bug - let me dig in and I’ll report back.

@skenner I found the issue and have updated the links. The fixed buttons should go out by the end of the day today. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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