I'm Looking for 2018-19 Curriculum Update at a glance

Is there a document or page I can go to in order to get a side by side update on changes to the curriculum, lessons, and handouts for CSP?

I am trying to plan and I don’t know if I should use some of the handouts from last year or if there are updated ones and I can’t find an easy place to tell that without opening each lesson and attached files.



I literally came here to ask this exact question. Please, if this exists, let us know! I’m using the newer curriculum but have all of the plans and files and everything from last year in nice neat order and it took a lot of work to get it there so I don’t want to have to redo it.

@jbailey and @anee if you want a high level description of the changes to CSP for 2018 you can check out this blog post. If you want a detailed accounting of the changes you can find them as they were announced in this thread from the forum.

Hopefully that helps you get a clearer picture of what’s new in 2018!

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Is there really no place that shows just the updates though? The high level version is too vague, and that other thread is LONG with a bunch of comments so it is tough to parse out exactly where to look to find the updates. Occasionally I see a post like “Unit 5 updates” but I don’t know how many posts are related to updates in that whole thread. And some stuff I’m looking for and not finding.

For instance, I now know that Unit 1 - Lesson 7 must have had updates, because the Internet simulator link from last year brought my class to an Internet simulator that made no sense based on what they were being asked to do using the lesson for 2018. When I had the students switch the “2017” in the link for the simulator to “2018” it was a more appropriate simulator for the lesson, but I’m not seeing anything related to this in that thread you posted.

It would be really, REALLY helpful to get all of the updates in a single, clear place so we know what has and hasn’t changed. To be honest, I expected something like this to already exist. Is anything like this coming? If not I need to reevaluate how I’m approaching this, and either go back to last year’s lessons completely or throw out all of my plans and resources from last year and start from scratch this year. Neither seems like an ideal solution.

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Hope this helps! This is my (super cursory, probably not 100% accurate) table of changes. Things that didn’t seem to change (esp. Ch 3 and Ch 5), I did not take a very close look at.

As always, please drop me a note or leave a comment to update this or make it more accurate!

@biermanl thanks for taking that on. @anee I’m going to look into whether and how easily we could make a resource like the one you’re asking for. You’re right that some of the updates in Unit 1 aren’t in that thread and I entirely understand how it would be more helpful to have everything compiled in one place.

Stay tuned and as always thanks for sharing what you need. We aim to please and are always excited to make things that we know will be helpful.

All the best,

Hello everyone. Please see the related post in this category but we’ve added an Appendix to the CSP Curriculum Guide providing high level and detailed changes to the curriculum.