CSD and National Boards

I am working towards my National Boards Certification this year. In Component 4, we have to choose a lesson and describe how we gathered formative and summative data from our students to make decisions to support them. I want to use CSD Unit 1, Chapter 2, Lesson 8 for my Component 4 activity. This lesson has students plan an app that is intended to solve a common problem. In previous quarters, my kids have struggled in this activity, and have shown a lot of individual growth as they progressed through it.

With this said, I am concerned about copyright infringement. Is code.org copyrighted? (I assume it is). Am I allowed to quote it? Can I modify it for my personal use? In other words, how can I be sure that I am sticking to the spirit and intent of the lessons, teaching all of the curriculum, and not violating copyright law as I use this program for my NB?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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All of the code.org curriculum ifalls under a creative commons license, meaning you can modify it, but you must give attribution and can’t sell it or your modifications.

Here’s a direct link to the license.

Hope this helps.


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@decook Best of Luck on your work toward National Boards Certification! :four_leaf_clover: