CSD Unit 7 Lesson 19 Details

My students are working through the Troubleshooting Models lesson today, with club survey data. As we began, I realized I didn’t see the explanations that I remembered. Didn’t this lesson contain notes about how the surveys were distributed, which helped to account for their problems? One student sent the survey to his dad’s band’s fan club; someone else only sent it to her sister’s friends at university. Does anyone else remember those, or know where I can find them? TIA!

Hey @pkoleszar - thanks for surfacing this! Turns out there was a bug behind-the-scenes that our engineers needed to fix in order to have these show up again. They should re-appear in a few days as the changes make their way through our system.

I’m sorry these details weren’t available for your students as you were working through the lesson, but if it’s any consolation: you and your students found a bug in the Code.org website and our engineering team sends their thanks for helping us fix it!

Dan - Code.org Curriculum Writer

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Hi Dan! I’m still not seeing those details. They are supposed to show up in Unit 7, Lesson 19, Bubble 1, when you click on the dataset to see the source, uses, misuses, etc., right?