CSP Forum Introductions


Hello, I am Clair. I have been teaching for over 25 years at Bear River High School in Garland, U, its 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. It’s northern Utah and close to the Idaho border. I have taught Web Page Design, Computer Technology, 3D animation, Digital Design, Computer Programming, and several business courses, like Accounting & Personal Finance. BRHS is small school (900 students) so I’ve taught a lot of subjects. Hobbies included working on hot rods, 4 wheeling in sand and on mountain trails, and spending time with family. :blush:


Hi, I’m George. This is my 7th year teaching computer science. I have taught Computer Information Technology (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Photoshop), Web Design & Programming (HTML5, CSS, bit of Dreamweaver, Alice and Python), and this year added ECS. I am a career changer. I worked for 26 years for AT&T Bell Labs/Lucent/Alcatel-Lucent. Hobbies - I like to get outdoors hiking and biking.


Hi. Sounds like you have a good amount of experience in teaching and using computers to help guide learning. I look forward to reading your posts and hopefully learning from your experiences.


Hello, my name is Jared Dozal. I’ve been a math teacher for 12 years at San Fernando High School, part of Los Angeles Unified. I just completed my first year teaching Exploring Computer Science and loved it just as much as my students. I am looking forward to teaching CSP in the fall. I am also a National Board Certified Teacher and can answer any questions you might have if you are thinking about pursuing certification.


PLTW is awesome! I helped bring Pathway to Engineering to our high school


Hi! My name is Kate Pomeroy. I’ve been teaching math and computer Science for the past 15 years, mainly in high school. I enjoy running, gardening, music, and hanging around with my husband and 3 kids.


Teaching Experience
I am about to complete my fourth year of teaching mathematics and computer programming in Virginia. I once was primarily a mathematics teacher and taught Algebra 1 and Pre-calculus. I have taught QBasic, Visual Basic, Scratch, GameMaker, C++, AP Computer Science A (Java), and some HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I’ve determined that teaching computer science is perhaps the most fun and exciting job I could have.

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to my beautiful wife, and father to my wonderful daughter. I thoroughly enjoy studying theology and philosophy in my free time (especially ontology and epistemology). I love hearing people’s life stories. I have a few blogs where I very inconsistently post. I enjoy wakeboarding at Lake Gaston, NC, playing acoustic guitar, and writing, recording, and producing hip-hop/rap. I love the TV series Big Bang Theory and Grimm.

I’m excited to learn about AP CSP alongside of you all!


Hi! I’m Gene Schwartzman. I have been teaching for 16 years (14 in a private school, 2 in a public school in the Washington, DC metro area). During that time, I have taught MS Office Suite, Visual Basic, HTML/Dreamweaver, C++/Java, AP Computer Science A & AB, as well as black & white film photography. Before that, I was as software engineer for 10 years doing work for NASA contracts, IRS contract, home banking, and various other stuff. This past years was my first year teaching ECS and I’m really excited about the CSP curriculum.

I love soccer and still play occasionally, love sci-fi and fantasy, play a doumbek (a Middle Eastern drum) and have performed at various venues with a number of bands and in my “past life” also performed at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.


Hi, my name is VJ and I have been teaching math, science and computer education for the past twelve years. I recently switched from middle school to high school and have been given the opportunity to teach A+ repair, c++ , java, javascript and html, python programming along with PreCalculus. I am looking forward to adding CSP to next year’s teaching load. I love to read and volunteer with local non profit organizations during the weekends.


Hi Gil , from Los Angeles, CA.

For all of those that are going to be in Spokane, WA for the summer workshop-see you there!


Hi My name is Skip Crater I have been teaching for 31 years 17 at Ferris High School were I teach now I have been teaching Business and DI Career Focus the last 5 years and taught ECS this year and hope to be teaching CSP here at Ferris next year.



My name is Frank Lee and this upcoming year will be my 8th year teaching. I’ve taught physics mainly, and this past year I taught ECS and APCS(A). I teach in Los Angeles.


Hi! My name is Caryn. I have been teaching for 11 years. I started my teaching “life” as an elementary school teacher and after 2 years moved up to high school English. Before that, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and worked as a Business Analyst for 18 years doing work for major corporations in NYC. I designed and implemented systems, wrote the training manuals and ran training classes for various levels of corporate personnel on these systems. Recently, I have been incorporating technology into my lessons to engage my students.

I enjoy going to Broadway shows and local concerts. I am an avid reader, love a good romantic mystery. I also enjoy spending time with my daughters and miss living in the hustle and bustle of New York.


Hi to all,
I am Dr. Tomeko Johnson-Smith. I would like to share my teaching background, hobbies, and experience with CS Principles:

Teaching Background
I have over 21 years of teaching across all sectors from elementary to college. Currently, I am a CS teacher in the Charles County Public School district. I have taught CS classes to include Visual Basic, Computer Operations, MS Server, MS Project, Networks, Network Administration, Object Oriented Programming, Java, Systems Analysis and Design etc.

My hobbies included photography (Particularly, of my children doing wild things, like my son jumping off the couch, crashing to the floor, and then getting up and doing it again or my daughter singing while staring at herself in the mirror pretending to be a rock star.), tennis, and roller-skating/blading.

Experience with CS
I have designed CS collegiate level curricula and taught the classes.


Hello, my name is Marty Hochertz and I have been teaching for 4 years. I currently teach 12th grade Economics and American Government, before that I had a short stay as a 3rd grade teacher. I am very excited about the initiative at my school to start the CS process. I teach at West Broward HS in Pembroke PInes, FL. I am an avid sports nut as I played sports most of my life. I enjoy any kind of work that allows me to figure it out, I am a die hard handyman. If I can’t fix it, then it’s not broken. Going out of my comfort zone is what makes it fun, learning new things. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”


Hi, I’m David, I have been teaching for the past 5 years. Teaching is a second career for me as I spent 20+ years as an electrical engineer with Siemens. My job was a network and hardware engineering in telecommunications. My teaching experience is in Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics and Computer Science. I enjoy camping, fishing and most outdoor activities. CS experience - 3 yrs. of AP CompSci (A) and 1 Yr. of ECS.


Hello Everyone,

My name is Arleen. This will be my third year teaching. I think I might be the one with the least experience, but with the same dedication. I teach mathematics and ECS. I have enjoyed my first two years and I am glad that our school will have many computer science courses this upcoming year.

I look forward to meeting all of you!

Arleen Rodriguez


Hi, this will be my first year teaching CSP, I look forward with working with all of you.


Hi, I’m Jerry from Blue Ridge Virtual Governor’s School near Charlottesville, VA.

I’ve taught for BRVGS as an online CS teacher for 11 or so years. This coming year will be my first as a full-time teacher for the school, and will be teaching CSP and AP CS.

Previously, I have taught mathematics and CS for Louis County High School, for about 25 years.

My hobbies are: running, reading, and traveling. I’m a father or 4 grown children, and grandfather to 3 boys. My wife and I are huge big Disney fans!