What is the easiest way for me to assign a “bubble” within a Stage of Unit 5 which is not apart of the official stage? I know the students can go to the unrestricted AppLAB but then I don’t have an easy way to see the valuable TEACHER PANEL on the right part of my screen which allows me to see their code and test to see if it runs.

I’m looking to assign a few extra programs to CODE from scratch at the end of a stage or two.

Can someone please suggest the easiest way to assign such a blank canvas which gives teachers access to grade in an efficient manner?



I don’t think it is possible to create a bubble in Code Studio. A work around for this is to have them overwrite existing code in a bubble that you may have already graded or you could ask the students to share the app and submit the link. That way you have access to the code as well as see it running.

I thought of that but I’m hoping for a better work around to avoid losing the previous code. In addition, sometimes, the “TOOLS” within Code Studio are restrictive so there is potentially a toolbox which doesn’t have all of the tools they need. There is a work around for the tools by going into TEXT mode but I’m still looking for some easier flexibility.

In a perfect world, Unit 5 would have an EXTRA STAGE at the very end of the UNIT with 4 blank bubbles. Each bubble would be the same. A BLANK canvas with a full toolbox and a SUBMIT button for the students.

This would give teachers the option to create-assign 4 additional problems.

Perhaps even use this as an ALTERNATIVE Assessment. Writing a full program from scratch based upon some requirements we create and provide to the students.


A great feature but not available yet on Code Studio!

I Dream Of Jeanie reference…

I think @brook can wiggle her nose and new code just appears out of thin air.

Fingers crossed. HA