Data From Table As Input on Create Task

Can data imported from a “data table” be counted as “input” for the Create Task?

From the definition of “input” on the rubric’s last page, I’m not confident either way.

I believe this has been discussed before, but I couldn’t find a clear “official” ruling.

If someone has an answer, could they refer me to an official source or declaration so I can share it?

Thanks in advance,

@wbarnum The definition of input on the last page of the rubric states that input can in many forms such as text. An event is associated with an action and supplies input data to a program. Importing data from a data table is an event associated with an action. The burden is on the student to properly describe the purpose, functionality, input, and output of the program demonstrated in the video so they can earn a point for row one.

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Thanks for the reply Terence!

I’m struggling with “showing” the input in the video if the input (data imported from a table) isn’t truly visible in a video.


Hi @wbarnum ,

Since this doesn’t look like a common issue that’s already been answered in the community, I would ask the source directly by posting in the AP Community discussion board if you haven’t already - hopefully someone from College Board can give you an official answer.

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