Dataset not saving

Recently a student created her own dataset and clicked on save. However, when she goes to look at it all the table elements read “undefined”. Any possible way for her to get this data back? She has tried to restore previous versions, but that doesn’t solve the problem.

Hi @charmon711,

I believe you are talking about a dataset for AppLab for Computer Science Principles. “Undefined” for table elements can happen if you don’t surround strings in “quotes” or if data is another data type - it must be consistent in the field such as all of them numbers or all of them boolean. For example, data for a field named firstNames should be surrounded in quotes like “Bob” or the error message reads: Value must be boolean, number, string, undefined , or null . Make sure to include quotes for strings like “this”. This error will cause the row of data being entered not to be saved. Or, if importing data, the data will not save.

I hope this helps you troubleshoot the issue. I am going to reassign this post to CSP so if you have further questions, they can assist you.


Hi @charmon711,

Please see this post regarding a known issue with datasets.

Thank you,
Michael K.