U05L10 - Data tab not working

When I (or my students) click on the data tab in U05L10, no data sets appear! I don’t think I’m missing anything, so is code.org having issues?? Anyone else having this problem?

For me, the default Data Set was Cats. You can add more on the left.

There are no data sets for me to choose from!

The same thing is happening for me and all my students!

Hi everyone,

Please see this post for details regarding a known issue with the datasets.

Thank you,
Michael K.

Thank you! Works for me this morning.


Great news, @jessica.fletcher!

Did you ask your IT department to update your firewall / device settings? Or did it spontaneously begin working for you again?


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Totally spontaneous - but in other forums I noticed codedotorg was looking to fix it.

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