Day 18-21 Final Project Rhythm Wheel


Students chose the Rhythm Wheel:
§ Cultural background history / origin (they researched and created posters based on the the country their beat originated from and in the process they discovered the heritage of dance steps they grew up with such as: salsa, rumba, etc)

§ Create unique beat with design tool tutorial (in the process of creating the music beat the students decide to add the dance steps of the country they were presenting)

§ Highlight the mathematical concept (done during the presentation of the history)

§ Present/play unique beat (students played the music beat with the dance step and to enrich their experience I provided a few instruments).

§ Gallery walk and comments (students felt that having the instruments to play during the dance steps was a memorable and fun experience). The dance steps and the instruments were not part of the original lesson plan…I allowed the lesson unfold …the students and I went with the natural flow and that is what made is a success,


Great way to bring in music and dance with problem solving. If you have any pictures please share.