Day 2-3 Scratch - Name Project

I was not aware of the share tree. That’s a great tool! Thanks, Nicole!

I will be teaching Unit 4 Instructional Days 2-3. Day 1: I will ask the students if they ever heard of the Scratch program. If any students raised their hand we would discuss their information. Then I would explain the program and give them a quick tutorial. After the tutorial I would do a simple program with them using the overhead while they worked along on their computers. After I model a program with them, I will have them create a simple program by them selves while giving them instructions. I will close out with them doing the Think, Pair, and Share activity and , asking them what they think about the Scratch program and how was it helpful. Day 2: At the beginning of class I will have them journal what they remember about the program scratch from last class. After they journal I will have a discussion on what they wrote. Then I will give them instructions on a simple program to refresh their memory from last class( I have my kids every other day). Then I will have them create the scratch program to generate their name. After giving instructions, I would walk around helping students and observing. After they finish this assignment as an Extension Activity, I would put them in groups of two and have them to design the schools name to be put on a T-shirt. The best created design will be voted on and will be printed on t-shirt iron on paper. I will print them and iron it on t-shirt for students. I yet to teach this lesson ,will teach next year. However I expect running into challenges with the students wanting to discussing what they remember from Scratch. Also the students that feel like it is for young kids not wanting to participate. I want to teach this lesson as completely hands on. I want the students to practice and not just watch me use the program. My modification of this lesson plan is to add the group work activity. Any resources on how to use Scratch would be helpful.

Thanks for the heads up on the videos being blocked. Do you still have that link for the introductory tutorials?