Unit 4: Day 4 - Knock Knock Joke


Day 4 Lesson Plan for Knock Knock Joke. Easy flowing Rubric to grade their Scratch lesson.Unit4Day4.docx (15.5 KB)


@theresa_fleming the rubric you shared was very helpful to see what the expectations are of the students. How do you use the rubric in your class? Do you have students grade each other before they turn it in, do students self grade, etc? Do you have them submit it in a LMS online or in a Scratch Class/Studio?


I have a very small class, so students are constantly informally grading each other. For Scratch I do a one on one assessment with each student, but it is also shared on Scratch, so I can go online and grade it another day if needed.


I also did this lesson and attached the rubric here. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hc1RezSsmC0Pd9HkcFi_M67-UBpeloZVAzw6YLJwGus/pub

I did add an extra assignment to my rubric since I have high school students. It is more dialogue practice that is more detailed than the first example.


@cfortmuller Thanks for sharing the rubric. You have set some strategic scaffolding for the students to successfully complete the task.


Here is the Scratch project I did for this assignment.

As an extension, I like to encourage students to add in sound clips, more moving sprites, or even a change in background. The beauty of assignments like these is there are plenty of options available.


Thank you for including your rubric. These are very helpful to have completed.