Digital Interactive Journal



I have implemented a Digital Interactive Journal (DIJ) for our CSD class. The journal has been created using google slides. Here is the DIJ for Unit 2.


This is AMAZING! Thank you so much!


Thanks so much this is amazing.


Thanks, this is great.

I do have a question. I made and copy of the journal and I wanted to add an another slide for an additional Question Prompt. The text box where you inserted your question seems to be locked (or not editable) . I can add an additional slide but I wanted it to look consistent with the other slides. Is it possible to edit it and how did you do that? It would be very helpful to know how to do this.




hi @desposito!

It seems like those text boxes are now a part of the background. I would cover that text box with a square (by navigating to Insert >> Shape >> Square) then placing a text box on top of that (Insert >> Text box)

Let me know if that helps! You can “@kevinsukhoo” me here or message me.

Also, if anyone else knows of a different way, please share :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile: thankssssss!



@marykimevans Thank you so much for the DIJ for Unit 2. It really helped streamline instruction for my students and helped keep my classroom paperless for the most part. You wouldn’t happen to have created a DIJ for Unit 3, would you? We are getting ready to start that and I’d love for the students to have another one to keep track of everything. Thanks!


This is AMAZING! Is there one for Unit 1 and/or Unit 3??? If so, I would LOVE to have them!!!


I have not composed a DIJ for Unit 3. With our reflections, we used our online classroom to collaborate through discussions.


I do have a DIJ for Unit 1; however, it was our first attempt at digital journals and it’s still a little rough around the edges. HERE is the link for the journal for now. I will most likely be updating it this summer. Will share again when updated.


Thank you this is fantastic


Thank you so much for sharing. Have a great year! :slight_smile:


THANK YOU @marykimevans for doing this, you are awesome. Also, Unit 1 I’m not able to make a copy it says that I need to ask for permission. I sent a request. Thank you.



This is great! Thanks for the link!


Do you have a copy of your Unit 1 Journal? I’d love to have it if possible.
Brooke Howell


Wow, very cool! It makes for an extraordinary reflection task. Thank you for sharing!


I would like a copy of the Unit 1 Journal also. Our district is one-to-one computer and we use google classroom . An online journal would be great


Would it be possible to share your background? The method you used to create your slides makes it difficult to edit them.