Earth Science Challenge #2

  1. I chose the easy question again due to my confidence in this module
  2. Here is the link:
  3. Gratefully, I did not have a problem with having the pump go deeper in to the ground.
  4. Again, I will still need to review and study this module before using it in my classroom.


I added a second pump that extended to a shallower depth than the first.


I chose the Easy challenge because of SOLs, reviewing, remediation and grades all take up a vast amount of my time, so I needed to complete something that was a bit simpler.

I struggle remembering how to manipulate the x/y coordinates to do my bidding correctly. I can eventually get everything to work correctly, but I usually have to run the program through a few times to make sure it is 100% correct.


I chose to complete the Easy Challenge because I’m comfortable with it. I attempted to do the Medium Challenge, but wasn’t able to focus and wanted to feel accomplished, so I stuck with the easy one. I was able to change 2 of my 4 pumps rather easily by changing the Y values, one is now higher than the others and one is much lower than the others. The only help I need at this time is more time to sit and work on this, but that’s not possible.

This one was slightly more difficult trying to make the pumps deeper. Figuring out the correct dimensions was tricky. no.


I chose challenge 1, to create a more shallow well. I chose this because I wanted to explore meaningful but uncomplicated tasks that would be accessible to my struggling students. I found it challenging to go deeper with the well, so I decide to go more shallow. I will have some of my advanced students explore this so we can figure out what is needed to go deeper. I am pleased to have students who can work with each other to figure out the coding needed to do tasks that interest them.


I chose to install a deeper, more shallow pump. I struggled with figuring out what would make it shallow versus what would make it deeper or wider.


I chose the 2nd challenge question and was able to make the asphalt layer (in purple) and to have the water evaporate when it hits it, however I haven’t made the water pause there first. I will try that if I have time later.