Physical Science Challenge #1


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  1. Which challenge question did you chose, and why?
  2. URL for public link.
  3. What did you struggle with most?
  4. Is there anything else you still need help with?

  1. I chose the easy challenge because I’m not teaching this subject material.
  3. I didn’t struggle with any of this.
  4. No, thank you.


I picked the first one because I still struggle with this. I struggle with the patience to get the modules to run correctly. I just need to keep practicing the modules.


I chose the easy one, this is not taught at the 6th grade level.

No struggles.


I chose the easy challenge as I needed a refresher.
The coding is always a struggle. It reinforces why partner programming is such a great idea to implement with students!
Yep…help is always good!


I’d be willing to help or give suggestions but I can’t view your project. If you put it in your SLNova ‘public gallery’ I could take a look at the code.

Paige, Project GUTS facilitator


Challenge 1
This one was easier because I was use to working with it in class.


Easy challenge.
I struggle remembering what I have learned during the training.


I chose easy because I am not teaching this one and have never been trained on this module.


I did the easy because I don’t understand this topic as I don’t teach it.

  1. I chose the easy challenge because I am not familiar with the chemical reaction.
  3. Reading the code to find what to copy to complete the challenge.
  4. How to adapt the reaction to other chemical reactions.


I chose the first one because I couldn’t get it or something like it, to work during the training session.
I struggled with figuring out that I needed to actually write the code instead of copying it in order for it to work. After that, it worked as expected.
Probably on the more advanced challenges.


I did the easier one because I could not figure out the other ones.

I guess I need help on the harder one.

  1. First challenge again. Thought about the medium and difficult challenges but there seems to be such a gap between the easy challenge of creating new copper strips and turning the water blue without using the three different breeds.
  3. I spent a good amount of time trying to understand the base model which I think helped when it was time to create the additional strips. I found copying and pasting the code easy to do but cumbersome and requiring more patience than brains - I wondered if there was an easier way to do this besides the numerous lines of repetitive code where I just changed the x coordinates.
  4. Probably need some assistance trying to get the harder challenges done - I thought about the nested logic but couldn’t seem to make it work in my head so I didn’t want to jump off the deep end.


I added an additional copper strip. I needed to add a second widget that said to add another strip. This is difficult mainly for the complexity of the model.


I chose the medium challenge because we had already done the extra copper strips in our class. It was tough because I didn’t really understand the chemistry behind it. I’m not totally sure I got it right, but I’ve got things changing colors and I’ll take it! :smile:

#17 I chose the easier one because I definately needed a refresher course on this activity.


I added two more copper strips. I tried placing them at different angles but it always seemed to land outside of space land. I also added a color change, but I need to work on the code to be sure it turns completely blue.


I have not spent much time exploring physical science models – so I decided to complete the easy simulation. I moved the “copper strip” from the right side of the space land to the center. After reviewing the code - I am confident I will be able to add a new “copper strip”. I am still having issues creating "action buttons” that can be utilized to add a new strip. How will I be able to add an “action button” to toggle between a “copper strip” and a new “metal strip”.

  1. I chose the easy challenge because I am having a difficult time.
  3. I am struggling the most with finding the right pieces to put in place to make the simulation work. I can’t seem to remember how to read the code. I am not teaching this to my students because the class that I thought I would have was taken away from me (due to scheduling conflicts with other teachers.)
  4. I would love to remember how to copy and paste code.