Earth Science Challenge #1


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  1. Which challenge question did you chose, and why?
  2. URL for public link.
  3. What did you struggle with most?
  4. Is there anything else you still need help with?


Ok… I’ve created the third pump, data box, & added a series for the line graph. The pump shows up, but that’s it. It isn’t “pumping” and the data box & line graph are not recording any data. I’ve checked over the code a dozen times, but I’m not seeing the problem. Please help.


I created the third pump, but also made them represent Georgia, Alabama, and Florida and the water war between the states. That is why I went with this challenge. I wanted to create something that is relevant to the students that I teach. I struggled with the colors of the pump. I wanted to make them college colors and apparently not all colors are created equal and it took me a minute to figure out that it wasn’t working.


I created the third pump. I still do not feel very comfortable with the coding, so I like to start simple. I struggled with making the third pump different from the second and the first and making sure that it was different in the world.

  1. I chose the first challenge because I am not teaching this subject material.
  3. I didn’t really struggle with this. The summer PD training was sufficient for me to understand what I needed to know in order to set up the code for this project.
  4. There is nothing else that I need help with. Thank you.


I have chosen to create a new pump, It seemed simple enough to duplicate the steps at the same time it required a new configuration of X and Y to make the water particles moved to required spot. It was difficult to make the pump interact and provide the data for the graph. I need help to creating the graphs and data charts that accurately represent what is going on in spaceland.


I chose the first challenge because I am not teaching this concept in my classes.

I need to read more of the basic set-up for this simulation because I do not understand why some terrain is yellow while the rest is brown. This limits where the pump can go (even though it is set to random) because the terms are coded for yellow terrain.


I added a second pump to the water pump model.

I took some time to recall how to add new procedures and how to correctly space the pumps apart from each other. After working with the model for a while I was able to figure out how to accomplish the task.


I saw your post and was looking at your code. Everything looks fine however the reason you are not getting data is because the ‘lime green’ color is not being recognized in the ‘if’ statement (an SLNova issue, not yours). If you change your color from lime green to black in the setup and the turtle tab you will see that everything works.

‘well’ done!
Paige, Project GUTS facilitator


what a great idea for a project! You are correct that ‘not all colors are created equal’ in SLNova.

Paige, Project GUTS facilitator


I chose to complete the easy challenge because I have been having some issues with my technology lately.

Mostly I struggled with remembering where to put each piece of code. Once I figured that out, everything ran smoothly.


3 pumps

I chose the 3 pump challenge. I chose this one because the first time we tried doing this project it was really difficult to figure out. This time seemed pretty easy. It’s interesting that I’m feeling more comfortable with using the code when I didn’t understand much of it over the summer.


I chose challenge 1.
I feel like there is not enough room to work and everything gets jumbled up.


Great to hear that you were successful in getting the 3rd pump activated in your code. Sometimes it just takes fresh eyes (and brain) to see the code differently and voila!
Paige, Project GUTS facilitator


Thank you so much for the tip. I tried just using green and I tried using purple. Nothing worked but the black. So weird!

  1. I took the easy one.
  3. de-bugging my code and still I cannot find my errors
  4. Nothing but I need to practice on my programming skills.


1 I chose easy because I’m not teaching that module.
3.I struggled with remembering what to do.
4. I need more practice.


I was looking at your project and noticed that there is a potential problem in the procedure you called ‘pump 2’. If you take a look at the code and compare it to the original ‘pump’ procedure you’ll see a difference in how the conditional statement block holds the code. As well, there is an interesting phenomena of all of the water molecules lining up in the sky in a certain way, this is also due to code in the ‘pump 2’ procedure.
Paige- Project GUTS facilitator


I chose question one, creating a third pump.

I struggled with creating the data box and having it record information. The way it is set up now, it is collecting data but it is identical to the data from my second pump. I’m not sure how I can vary 3 sets of data boxes.


In looking at your project, I would suggest having 3 colors for your pumps and 3 different procedures for each pump. You’d be able to reduce the nested conditionals to only test for the color and the X coordinate. The ‘else’ part would not necessarily be needed. This way you’d be able to collect data for each pump and make comparisons.
Note: not all colors work equally. A pump color of white, yellow, black, magenta, lime and blue will all work.