Physical Science Challenge #2


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  1. Which challenge question did you chose, and why?
  2. URL for public link.
  3. What did you struggle with most?
  4. Is there anything else you still need help with?

  1. I chose the easy challenge because I am not teaching this subject material.
  3. I struggled with getting the silver nitrate to fall (and why it shouldn’t have been the copper nitrate instead).
  4. No, thank you.

I teach this subject so it is interesting to me. However I am still struggling with getting the modules to work correctly and I lose my patience very quickly.


I chose the easy path again.

I think my computer or browser is having difficulty. Now that I have created a procedure for the copper nitrate to fall, the simulation won’t even set up. I tested my simulation before making the change, and the only change I made was to the movement of the copper nitrate. Very frustrating.

I chose option one again

  1. I chose the easy challenge because I have not worked on module 4 in any of the training sessions.
  3. Placing the heading block in the right spot.
  4. Seeing the simulation with other chemical reactions.


did the first challenge because I will not be using this module next year.
having the silver nitrate move after toggling forever.


I struggled with getting the silver nitrate to fall.

I want to figure out the harder ones because I feel my students would benefit greatly from these.

Help would be appreciated.

  1. I think I did something in between the easy and medium challenge. I got the precipitate to fall but it did not really pile up at the bottom. I did this by giving Silver a behavior (set heading to -90, move forward, and then force it to keep moving in that direction rather than bounce back up when it hit the bottom, which is what happened in the first iteration. Only now reading this it looks like I was supposed to make the Silver Nitrate do something different, but making the Silver seems more logical to me.
  3. Figured out a way to make the silver stay on the bottom but I’m not sure its a good way or not. Rather than generate a pile it seems to flatten out along the bottom.
  4. No specific struggles, what I’ve done seems to have worked, I’m just not sure I did it a correct way or if there is something not quite right in the way I designed it to work.


Hi I changed dthe heading of the silver nitrate and how it fell out of the solution. Not to be funny, but really struggling with the broken wrist.


I chose something between easy & medium, but I’m not completely sure what the difference is. Again, the biggest drawback on working with this simulation is that I don’t completely understand the chemistry behind it. It almost makes it a vocabulary issue more than a coding issue for me.


I chose the most difficult challenge so I can challenge my 8th grade students with this challenge. I still think there is another way to set up the code, but I did accomplish what I wanted to happened with the slider button and logic commands.


I was attempting to complete the easy model for this activity - however I was able to the silver nitrate at the bottom of the space land. I had no major challenges – and was not expecting my model to look the way it did. It looked cool! I am sure my students would enjoy working with this model to illustrate a chemical explosion.

  1. I chose the easy challenge and failed miserably.
  3. When I click “forever”, my silver nitrate disappears altogether. :frowning:

  1. I chose the medium challenge. Silver atoms fall to the bottom and pile under the copper strips. It was a fun challenge trying to simulate gravity. I borrowed code from the water table model to do this.
  3. Making the silver form a pile was tough.
  4. Lists.


Somehow, I could not make this work :disappointed:

#17 it was difficult to make the precipitate fall and stay


It was difficult to figure out how to make the precipitate fall and stay on the bollox


I don’t think that I got this one right…will play around with it and resubmit


I chose the 2nd model to show precipitate gathering. I like coding but still need more time to get the program to run properly.