Physical Science Challenge #2


I chose the easy challenge, to set a heading for the silver nitrate.
This one actually worked for me.


Changing the movement of Silver Nitrate was easy. Just set the heading to -90. I teach middle school and I found the module id difficult to be implemented. It needs a lot of time . I choose the easy task as i am getting ready to teach it the easy way.

Once you figure out that you need to add a heading block, the negative direction and the degree that it falls come pretty easily. Again, I’m life science and want to spend my time thier. So easy is the way to go.


Tried to make the precipitate fall, set direction to 90 degrees
no joy getting anything to go down
will keep working


getting it to fall
I decided to transport it which is probably not correct.


This is getting easier! I am thankful to be able to see others projects to look at and help troubleshoot my code. I don’t think I need any other help.


I chose challenge 1 - I did this during the face to face as another person and I were ahead and wanted to challenge ourselves for our simulation to be more like the video. It was nice to work with another as we both had different strengths

  1. I chose the easy again - book is at school and I wanted to finish tonight.
  3. figuring out what blocks to use that would make the PPT fall to the bottom of the beaker
  4. Wish the colors were a little more distinguishable. I chose the PPT to be pink but it looked read, purple looks almost blue and at first I had red but that is the color of the copper. Not a problem, just wish the colors were a little more different (light pink, light purple, etc)


I did the easy one. I found it very frustrating because it kept freezing and it still does not work.


I chose the easy one because I’m a slacker. And I’m running out of time.

Click here to see the fascinating details.


  1. I chose the easy one because it is hard.
  3. I made the silver head for the bottom, but then it bounced up.
  4. How can I make the silver precipitate stay on the bottom?

  1. I chose the easy one, because I thought it’d be good practice.


  3. I struggle with making it work correctly.

  4. Not at this time.

  1. I chose the easy challenge.
  3. It took some time to figure out where to put the heading block.
  4. There isn’t anything I still need help with.

  1. I chose the easy challenge because I do not use this module in class.
  3. Figuring out how to send silver nitrate to proper location and code to run properly took some time.
  4. Ok for now.

  1. I chose the easy challenge again. I got the silver nitrate to turn purple on collision with the copper and then fall and collect on the bottom of spaceland.
  2. I was struggling with how to get the nitrate to rest on the bottom of spaceland, but finally figured out that I had to first make the nitrate change colors with collision, and then use an if/then statement under “forever toggled” and place the heading and movement there.
  3. Nope

  1. Easy. Still practicing basic concepts.
  3. Takes me some time to figure out which code to use in which box.
  4. Got it.

  1. The medium challenge
  3. I am having problems getting the complete chemical reaction to take place before precipitating to the bottom of spaceland, the best I could do was make the movement down and then contain it below y=-25.


I chose to do the easy challenge for this module because I have limited familiarity with the module and I do not teach physical science so I found it less relevant to my classroom. My URL link is below:

I found this challenge fairly simple as I only needed to add one new block, the “set my heading” block to 270 degrees under the silver nitrate tab. This resulted in the silver nitrate moving to the bottom of spaceland.


I attempted this challenge by introducing a precipitation button that when pushed results in the silver (silver pyramid) formed on the copper strip to disappear. I could not make it fall.
This model has been the most challenging one to understand. I am not sure the model accurately simulates the chemistry.