Life Science Challenge #1


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  1. Which challenge question did you chose, and why?
  2. URL for public link.
  3. What did you struggle with most?
  4. Is there anything else you still need help with?

  1. I chose the easy version because I’m not teaching in this subject area.
  3. I struggled with the rabbits running away from the wolves, but I got it.
  4. No, there is nothing that I need help with, thank you.


I chose the first one because it was the easiest. This is not my content area so it is tough for me.


I chose the first one because my students are learning about the basic traits and behaviors of animals. This will be one of many extension activities - dovetailing with our food web/predator-prey relationships.

I did not struggle, but I am not sure if the motion of “rabbits running away” made any appreciable difference. I made the rabbits faster, but neither predator nor prey are random in their movements - they are very purposeful because they live to survive.

I chose this one because it helps the students distinguish between predator and prey. I did not struggle with this one.


I chose the easy task as this is not the module I will be working with. “If/else” blocks are a bit of a struggle for me, but I am working through it. I continue to need help…but don’t we all?


Let me know if I can help at all. I am a Project GUTS facilitator and if you post your link (and have the project in your public gallery) I can take a look and make some suggestions. Or contact me:


I chose challenge 1.


This was my first project when we first did our training. For some reason, it really connected with the way I think so I had little trouble completing this challenge. I think this one is kind of fun to mess with.


I chose the first one because I couldn’t get it or something like it, to work during the training session.
I struggled with figuring out that I needed to actually write the code instead of copying it in order for it to work. After that, it worked as expected.
Probably on the more advanced challenges.


it is possible to copy/paste the code but you have to be careful with how things are named and to not use traits or procedures that were created for a different breed. Therefore, it helps to recreate the code the way you did. I find it also makes one more aware of the blocks and what they are trying to achieve in the project.
Paige- Project GUTS facilitator


I chose the medium task, adding predators competing for the same resource.

I actually enjoyed this task the most. The hardest part was being able to have reproduction added into the equation.


I added an invasive weed


I did an invasive species project.

  1. I chose the easy challenge because I have not had any experience in modifying Module 3.
  3. Getting the predator to follow the rabbits was a challenge.
  4. How to modify the interactions between rabbits, predators, and grass to not kill off all of the agents.


I like how you’re able to dynamically add the function while it’s running. Might be interesting to make the new invasive species a ‘new breed’ (a la StarLogo) and have different behaviors. That would an extension of what you already have completed.

Project GUTS facilitator


I did the easy version because I will not be teaching this lesson due to the fact I don’t teach life science.

I did however enjoy this one since life science is my favorite.

I do not need help. Thank you though.

  1. I was going to try something a little more challenging this time, but it took me a really long time just to get the lion to chase the rabbit and the rabbit to run away, so I stuck with the easy version of the ecosystem.
  3. I tried to add a line to the graph to represent the lion population but doing that caused the entire graph not to work, so I deleted the portions of code I added to the World to try and make this happen. Thinking about it now I wonder if I had to do something more when I was editing the widget besides just adding the series but I’m not sure.
  4. Nothing else I need help with at the moment. It surprises me how quickly I forget certain things just by not doing this everyday. I did a number of day challenges but this is a different, less straightforward set-up and you do have to remember what the different commands do (I.e., its not always intuitive how to set up conditional statements).


Rabbits and Grass with mountain lion REMIX 2015-12-31 15:07:02.530808
Hi I added two predators. I’m still struggling with SLNova and having to refresh constantly.

#20 I do not think this project is working because my computer crashes when I run the program so I can not seem to find the problem.