Life Science Challenge #1


For this project, I added a predator to the ecosystem. I also added a “horizontal slider” to increase/decrease the number of predators in the ecosystem. I did have a challenge trying to increase the “maximum” number of organisms available in the slider. I know with a bit more time - I will be able to increase the speed of the organisms movement.
Oh! I was also trying to add a “third” organism to the ecosystem (deer) - however I was not able to find an image of a deer. That is why you see a giraffe bouncing around - : ) …


This was very difficult to remember all of the code that needed to go in to make all of the creatures move. I completed the epidemic challenge during the summer PD–not this one. I will have to continue to work on looking at the code and understanding the commands for each animal.


I am not teaching this content area and the period that was SUPPOSED to be used to teach curriculum was taken from me. I have not used in my classroom and I have absolutely no idea on how to complete even the “easy” challenge. I have not worked with any of the Life Science activities in our meetings/workshops.


Cougar, rabbit, grass competition model:

  1. I chose the medium challenge. It seemed the most interesting. I’ll probably add territories later.
  3. My computer was constantly freezing when the grass levels got too high. So I reduced the grass growth and things equalized. But then all the grass gets eaten and everyone dies.
  4. I still need help with lists in SLNova.


Okay so I guess I chose the medium level - adding another species. However I don’t think it was that challenging so I must have missed something. However, I added a wolf that also eats rabbits. So there is a mountain lion and a wolf competing for rabbits. This is not my subject area and I was not really taught this module so I am a little lost on it.


I added a second predator to my ecosystem. it was a little tricky because my numbers kept changing too quickly. Once I figured it out, it worked out ok.

  1. I chose the moderate challenge because I had created a predator in my last workshop.
  3. Getting the code to recognize the new predator I created. I couldn’t get “Bear energy” to show up in the drop down menu, even though I added it as a trait in the “Edit Breeds” mode.Also, I went to modify the code I had already created for my first predator and I was not able to click on the text boxes to edit them to reflect the new breed.
  4. If someone could pinpoint what I’m missing, that would be great.



I chose the easy version as I don’t know if I will be working with this topic. The difficult part is you get it working and then make I change and everything stops. Even if you revert back to the original numbers it still won’t work.
I had the raccoons moving but now they won’t. I am calling this one done for now.

#31 I chose the easy version, I do not teach life science


This would be great to use when teaching ecosystems predator prey relationships.
Have already taught this concept but think this would be good to use as a review


I chose the easy mode. I do not teach this subject and did not work on this program during the workshop.


I chose the first assignment. I enjoy coding, but I need to practice more so that I can complete the tasks quicker.


I chose the easy challenge, because there are semi-directions for it in the module.

I struggled when I tried to rename my predator after creating many references to it…so I ended up reverting back to avoid having immobile predators.

So far, I’m doing well, but I get stuck occasionally.


I choose challenge 1. Once I am more familiar more with the module , I will attempt the challenge

For some reason this has been the most difficult project so far. I have way too many predators, I can’t get the rabbit to detect the grass and I spent at least 3 hours changing stuff and still can’t get it.


Selected the easy one but fooled around with it a bit
Figuring out what changes the recording of data, when I changed the slider name the data stopped recording - probably should look to see if I need to create a slider for the new breed.


I chose the easy challenge to have the predator chase the prey, and the herbivore to find the grass. I chose this because this is what my group worked on during the training session and our model created demonstrated this scenario.

I think I just need more practice working with the code to feel confident in using it with my students. I plan to take our state testing week and work on coding with my students.


I did the Life Science Easy challenge.
If else…