Life Science Challenge #1


Did the easy

I chose the easy version because I have been away from coding for a while and knew I would need to ease myself back into it. I struggled the most with remembering where to find the commands I needed. I spent a lot if time looking under the wrong pull down menus for what I needed.


I tried the 3rd challenge - but my terrain is not stamping correctly. I tried looking back over the groundwater model, but I seem to have everything the same. If I could get the terrain, I could then focus on getting the rabbits to only stay in that specific colored terrain.

  1. Which challenge question did you chose, and why? I chose to work on the easy Life Science Challenge #1.

  2. Here is the URL for public link:

  3. What did you struggle with most? What I struggled on the most was adding the detection of the prey and predator.

  4. Is there anything else you still need help with? I feel like I still need help with the forms, coding and basic debugging.

Which challenge question did you chose, and why? easy
URL for public link.
What did you struggle with most? for the bunnies to detect the fox, turn around and run
Is there anything else you still need help with? no


Hmmm Ive done these before in an earlier class but the code isn’t complete. I chose easy for now since i dont have time to redo everything and things seems pretty straighforward


I chose the easy project because we were working on this in class.

See my code here.


I chose the easy one. I have not had much experience with this module.

  1. I chose the easy project because I need practice starting from a blank project.
  3. I struggled with making sure I include the coding within the proper “brackets” so that the coding modifies the correct verb.
  4. I need constant practice in choosing the appropriate logic when “greater than” and “less than” math symbols are used.


Life Science Challenge 1

  1. I chose the easy project because I thought it would be the best one to make given my skill set.
  3. I struggled with the “prey runs away” aspect of the program.
  4. Not at this time.


I added a mountain lion predator - challenge #1. I have trouble remembering the order of the blocks:-)



Why does the Setup and Forever button disappear sometimes? How do you get them back? Thanks Paige!


The setup & forever buttons as well as the graphs are considered ‘widgets’ and are based in Flash. If you are using a browser other than Chrome, the widgets disappearing is more common. Another reason for them disappearing is if the graph is placed off-screen and therefore won’t load correctly thus causing all widgets to disappear. The widgets will reappear when you grab a side or corner of your browser window and resize it.
This aspect of SLNova will be fixed in the new version and will no longer rely on Flash for the widgets.


I chose the medium challenge for Life Science challenge #1. I worked on this module most frequently during our training and felt more confident with my skills. I modified one of my previous models to add a new breed, giraffe, that competes with the rabbits for grass and runs quickly away from wolves when they meet. Here is my link:

At first I had difficulty figuring out how to add a competitor that was different in some ways from agents that already existed. I ended up adding a new breed to the model and it worked. There is nothing else I would like help with on this simulation at this time.

  1. I have not taught this module so I focused on the first challenge.
    3.I added a mouse. I was challenged by the detection.
  3. Need more practice with this.


1.I chose the challenge where mountain lions detect rabbits, rabbits run away from mountain lions, and the rabbits find grass.
3. I struggled with figuring out how to use the if/then block, but I looked at the code cookbook which explained how to arrange the code.

  1. I chose easy - This was pretty challenging for my experience level.
  3. It took some time to figure out how to make the rabbit runaway (the online cookbook was very helpful).
  4. There is nothing that I need help with.

  1. I chose easy because I fond this module to be the most difficult.
  3. I hvae no idea if I did this right, but I tried.


I chose the easy because I have never detected anything within a certain radius.
The most challenging was the prey running away.
It would be nice to have a “face away” block.