Life Science Challenge #1

  1. I again went with the first easiest challenge.
  3. Star logo nova kept shutting down on me when I was working on the remixed project, so I just submitted a project that followed the expectations that I worked on during the February in person workshop.
  4. Just really rusty…I need some motivation and cheerleaders here to get through the rest of this.

Not too difficult


I chose the Easy one because of time constrictions associated with teaching.

I did not struggle with this simulation as it is pretty straight forward.


I chose the medium challenge. The URL is I am having difficulty with the hares showing up after the initial setup. I have gone over the coding many times to figure this out, but have not yet discovered the problem. I am going to post this attempt and come back later after working on the next steps.


Finally got it! Please see attached URL


I chose to do the easy challenge because I am not up for the more difficult challenges at the moment, but I couldn’t even get the easy one for this and got frustrated. I started with the basic project from GUTS because all of mine were so messed up, I didn’t know where to begin, but after I remembered how to add a new agent and get it to move and “eat” the rabbit, I didn’t know what to do. I started on the Logic commands, but since I am working on my own, I don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of and am finding myself frustrated. Also, since I left this until the last minute, the stress is a bit more. But I’ll keep trying and come back and fix it if I come across the command I’m looking for.


I chose challenge 1 because I had a bit of trouble in class and wanted to get mastery. I struggled with some of the traits initially. I would like help with being more creative with the environment as I have seen some of my classmates do.


I chose challenge 1, having foxes chase rabbits when they get close, and rabbits flee. Rabbits also move towards grass when they are close. I chose this because I wanted to find challenges that would be accessible to my struggling students. I don’t think this was easy, but with scaffolding they could enjoy it and be successful.

I struggled a bit to find code blocks that would help. I started with the idea of computing the distance in absolute value between x and y coordinates of the agents, but was unsure how to detect the other agent’s traits. Perhaps this can be done, I’ll investigate later. I used the SLNova cookbook to find a better way to chase. This showed me interesting movement and detection code blocks I hadn’t used yet. I think using the cookbook could be good for my students, if they are using it with critical thinking to explore new code blocks and how to solve challenges. I don’t need help at this time.


I chose the easy challenge.
I struggled with making sure that the predators didn’t consume the herbivores too quickly.


I selected the easy challenge 1. I wanted to start simple in order to help me remember the different areas My students will be exploring ecology/relationships with living things. Adding coding to the curriculum would interesting enrichment for them. This is my link I think you to work with this frequently or it is easily forgotten.

  1. I chose the medium challenge, because I couldn’t remember or figure out how to do the easy one.
  3. While the coding was easy, because all i needed to do is basically copy the rabbit’s code, I couldn’t get the program to run.
  4. I still don’t know how to create my own code, and therefore can’t teach this to my students. I have experience interacting with maybe 25% of the blocks of code from all of the drawers.