Life Science Challenge #3


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  1. Which challenge question did you chose, and why?
  2. URL for public link.
  3. What did you struggle with most?
  4. Is there anything else you still need help with?

  1. I picked the medium challenge because I’m not teaching this subject and there wasn’t an easy option.
  3. There was no struggle.
  4. No, thank you.


The easiest of the two, all of these are a challenge I need more time and practice.


I went with the invasive species, created moles (eat the same plants as rabbits, harder to get to for the foxes - no detection other than random).

Having a hard time getting prey to move after the initial toggle. predators and plants do fine. Checked for missing/unplugged/incorrect code - no luck. Would be a good extension if I can debug it.

I chose this one because it seemed to be the most practical one. This one was a little difficult but I eventually figured it out. It was not difficult to create the species but it was difficult to make them move like I wanted them to.


I took a look at your code and see that in the mole & rabbit tabs you are using the same names for procedures as well as the energy trait. In order for it to work properly, I think you will need to rename the procedures to be specific to the moles and to make a trait called ‘mole energy’ (or something) that is used in the mole tab. Having the same procedure names in different tabs can cause the code to not run.

Hope that helps but if not, feel free to email me:


Challenge 2
Getting my prey to move.

I added an invasive species

  1. I chose the medium challenge because it was not too difficult to alter my simulation for Life Science Challenge #2.
  3. I did not struggle with the simulation.
  4. How to utilize the z axis to create an agent to compete with the lion agents.


I did the medium one.

the reason is because of what i said previously.


I am not teaching this subject so I chose the easiest one.

I did fine with it and do not need any help.

  1. I tried the medium challenge as I wasn’t even sure where to start with the harder challenge. I also like to teach invasive species so this was something that made sense with my curriculum.
  3. ran the program once and I had an explosion of field mice which caused the program to stop running and look like there was a crazy red bloom in one corner. Did it again adjusting the reproduction amount down to two which allowed it to run longer but still stop. I need to spend additional time, I think maybe increasing the dying rate or maybe adding a predator to stalk my mouse but I think the lack of predator actually replicates the way invasive species work.
  4. What numbers do you suggest in terms of keeping the model from imploding (stopping)? I could see adjusting the amount of energy needed for reproduction, the amount of energy dissapated by moving (scurry), etc.? Also, I’m not sure that I actually achieved the goal of having the reproduced beings positioned at a distance,


Hi I did the invasive species. I realized here that I was having so much trouble with SLNova because of the complexity of the model with the water pumps. Here I made an invasive that did not give the rabbits as much energy.

I chose the medium challenge. It seemed like something that would be most applicable in the classroom. I struggled with getting the guinea pigs to propagate away from their original placement. I’m not sure that I actually got it right. I’d like to change it up so the fox eat the guinea pigs too.


I decided to complete the medium “model” with the inclusion of an invasive species. I chose this model to illustrate how the introduction of a new species may affect the ecosystem as a “whole”. I added a weed (orange flower) which is not part of the food source for rabbits. This model will show how an increase in this weed can limit the growth of a population (rabbits). I had an issue with my predators reproducing - so instead of the predators reproducing they are just disappearing. I need to adjust my code.
To view this model in different stages - I added sliders for both predators and the invasive species (weed).


Ummm, yea… Not going to happen. I don’t even know where to start here.


I chose the medium one, and I still continued to struggle. I need to review how to code the energy needed to reproduce, and die for a new species.

  1. I chose to add a locust plague. When the plague button is pressed, 5 locusts spawn and rapidly attack all the grass and breed.
  3. My battery is about to die, otherwise I’d give the locusts a lifespan instead of living forever (the grass doesn’t last very long anyway).
  4. Nope!


This is apparently beyond my level.


I added an invasive species. This was challenging!