Life Science Challenge #3


I created a new breed, a bear, and had them reproduce.

I started this one from the beginning again so the rabbits move just fine.


I choose to add pervasive mice. It was easy to code. I need to put in more time to practice the other challenges.

OK. So my squirrels reproduce like mad. Not really sure what’s happened, but I know that it’s something that I’m doing consistently because it’s happened before. Someone want to take a look and tell me what I’m doing wrong so that I know how to fix it in the future? I believe I met the objective of placing the offspring of the new breed at distance from one another though.


Chose the Medium challenge to attempt another breed
Got a rock that takes away energy when critters run into it
Feeling more comfortable with breeds


I added an invasive species of a dog.
I just struggled with getting all the species to be active/working in the code but I’m pretty sure everything is running correctly now.

I don’t think I need anymore help on this scenario.


Medium Challenge
Create …Do…
I think I did it correctly.


Chose the invasive species. Having trouble with the terrain color - so couldn’t do the hard challenge.


I chose the second challenge.
Sometimes my animals dye before they do much because they don’t meet their nutritional needs before they reproduce. So it can take a couple of setups to get one that does for awhile.


I added an invasive species. Again the program keeps freezing on me. It was also easier when I worked with a partner. 2 brains are better than one.


I did the medium project and added gray raccoons. I wanted to have the raccoons go a particular direction and be in a small group off to the side. It seemed like it would be a good idea to use the block “face” block, but I couldn’t figure out how to use the block. It works okay as is.

Here is the link.

  1. The easy challenge is difficult enough for me.
  3. I can’t get my invasive penguins to live more than 4 clock ticks.
  4. I can’t change my invasive penguins direction because they disappear. I have worked too long on it already. I am stopping.


Added a preditor and invasive weed.
Good practice for renewing coding skills
Some difficulty when creating a new breed and knowing where to put the code

  1. I chose the medium one, because I thought it’d be good practice.


  3. I didn’t really struggle with anything on this one.

  4. Not at this time.


I picked add invasive species. I picked this because i am still learning about coding. My link is:


For life science challenge #3 I completed the medium task and added an invasive species to my model. I added flowers that upon collision with rabbits or wolves they reproduce in random areas of spaceland. I was trying to represent how animals carry the seeds of plants/flowers and as a result they can grow in other locations. Here is the link to my project:

At first I struggled with how to get the invasive flowers to scatter randomly across spaceland upon collision, but I figured it out. I have no additional questions.

  1. I chose the easy challenge. I do not teach this module.I added weeds as an invasive species.
  3. Nothing needed at this time.

  1. I created mice as an invasive species that compete with rabbits for grass.
  3. No struggles.

  1. I chose the medium challenge question.
  3. It took some time to figure out how to place the invasive offspring at random locations.
  4. I don’t need help with anything else.

I added weeds.

  1. I chose this one to see how invasive species can decrease the other plant populations.
  3. On collision with other plants, the other plants die to simulate a competition for resources (crowding out)