Physical Science Challenge #2

  1. I finished by choosing the easy challenge again.
  3. I realized I not only had to change the heading like the instructions asked for, but also change the x and y coordinates.
  4. No.



I chose the easy one because it took less time. I think that I could have gotten the other challenges to work if I had more time to work on them.


Here is my challenge. I chose the easy one but I think my computer can’t hold the code. I think I set the heading for the copper nitrate to -90 so it should fall to the bottom but my code kept glitching when I was running it without any extra code.


I chose the easy model changes. The URL is In order to create the downward movement of the precipitate, I used the Water Pump model groundwater movement coding.


I think I figured this one out, too. All of the silver nitrate ended up in the same spot (25, 25) like I think the challenge asked me to do.


Which challenge question did you chose, and why? I chose the first one because it was easier for me to understand.
URL for public link.
What did you struggle with most? I was actually ok with this one.
Is there anything else you still need help with? In general I need more practice.

#48 Difficult getting the precipitate to fall. I think my code math was off in getting it to fall properly.


I chose to make the silver nitrate move to the bottom. I chose this because I wanted to better understand the set heading block. I did not struggle with this challenge. I got help from the cookbook. I found it helpful that in addition to giving algorithms, the cookbook explained how the code blocks work. I was able to learn what the set heading block is all about. After that I was able to chose the right direction for the silver nitrate (270 degrees) without seeing the solution in the cookbook. I will encourage my students to read about the code blocks to learn more about them.

  1. Medium to challenge myself a little more.
  3. I struggled with the coding of getting the particles of silver to fall.
  4. I think I finally got it.


The easy one. I struggled with figuring out what “set heading” really did.

  1. I chose the hard challenge due to the fact this lab is done in my class.
  3. I keep focusing on the content and not on manipulating the code.
  4. At this time, I just need to find class time to put Code into place and run with it.

  1. We, Tracy Conover and I, chose the hard lesson within the Physical Science section. This is something that Tracy teaches and as the Instructional Technology Liaison, I am helping her.
  3. I struggle the most with the actual science, to be perfectly honest. It will be difficult for me to help students when I am not sure of what to ask them scientifically to guide them.
  4. I just need more practice. It will come in time.