Physical Science Challenge #1

  1. I chose to add multiple copper strips and simulate how the copper nitrate appears to rise to the top of the water. Each time the “Add Copper Strip” button is pushed, a copper strip is placed somewhere in the water. The water molecules were distracting and slowed my computer, so I just made the background sky blue to simulate the water solution.
  3. Figuring out how to make the copper go to a random location each time was a small struggle. I used a variable.
  4. Still don’t know how to make lists.



I chose to add three copper strips as this is not a topic I have covered yet I plan to make additional changes later.



Easy mode. I don’t teach chemistry, but this was fun to play with.


I chose the easy one. I am still progressing at a slow rate.


I chose the easy challenge as I have never worked with the chemical reaction model and probably won’t with my grade level.

I was able to change the location of the copper rod easily.


This module was the first one I worked on it in the classroom in collaboration with my colleague and the instructor. It was challenging but interesting.


Width of copper was a bit interesting to figure out. Location wasn’t bad to change though.


Picked the medium difficulty
added a strip and made it thicker
bit of trouble positioning it


doing it correctly


I chose the easy challenge as I am the least familiar with this module. This was probably the easiest of all the tasks for me to complete since I am more familiar with the code now. I don’t think I need help with anything else at this time.


I did challenge 2 during face to face meeting, so I did challenge one, where they can physically see two copper strips being added. I felt most comfortable with this model as I spent the most time working on this one with the leaders.

Which challenge question did you chose, and why? I chose the easy challenge. I did not have the chance to work with the chemistry module and this was a great introduction.
URL for public link.
What did you struggle with most? It took some time to understand the code, especially to understand how the copper changes to silver on the first strike and a gray pyramid on the second collision.
Is there anything else you still need help with? more time to play around

  1. I chose the easy challenge - I didn’t have my book with me to help with the coding descriptions and it has been a while since I worked with it. But, if you look at this project, I did take it beyond what the module wanted. I did this with another person at the first session. We corrected the chemistry, created a water level, and tried to make evaporation happen. We were intending to slow the reaction down with evaporation and lower concentration, but ran out of time.
  3. I didn’t struggle with this at all.
  4. It would be really nice to have a master book of examples of different coding possibilities (what they would do when entered in the correct order - something like a solutions manual)


I did the easy one, including additional strips. It was difficult because I never did this one during the week we learned it.


Here is my link.

I didn’t have any problems with this one. I did the easy option since I am not teaching this one.


Adding two copper strips. It has been a while since I have played around with this, so I started off with an easy task to become familiar with the code.

  1. I choose the easy project. It helps me practice skills from the summer class.
  3. It was difficult to remember the range of the x and y coordinates.
  4. The medium challenge looks interesting.

  1. I chose the easy one, because I thought it’d be good practice.


  3. I struggled with making the simulation run properly.

  4. Not at this time.