Physical Science Challenge #1


I will not be teaching this module. Added second Cu strip. Link:

  1. I added a second copper strip by increasing each x coordinate by 5.
  3. No struggles, this was actually pretty easy to do.

  1. I chose the easy challenge question.
  3. It took me time to figure out how to change the coordinates so the copper strips didn’t overlap.
  4. I don’t need help with anything else.

  1. I had not used this module before so I chose the adding of the copper strip.
  3. It was good practice to work with changing the coordinates.
  4. OK

  1. Easy - still practicing
  3. my computer hates to copy :confused:
  4. no further problems

  1. I wanted to make the water blue so it reflects the chemical reaction better.
  3. At first I did this by adding a new breed, but then I tried to change it by modifying the traits. I wasn’t able to do that, so I ultimately settled on if statements within a collision between copper and water. It was the closest I could get to the challenge.


I chose the easy challenge because I have not experimented with this module yet this year. During our in person trainings I focused on Module 1 and Module 3. My project is linked below.

I did not struggle with this challenge. I read the code and identified what made the copper strip. I think copied that code and adjusted the x axis for each part of the code to create new copper strips.

  1. I chose the easy question. I wanted to try to medium challenge, but didn’t quite understand the instructions, so that by default I chose the easy question.
  2. I only struggled for a brief second because I forgot to run code.
  3. No other help needed.


I chose this one because it seemed to be the least difficult. I did not have any difficulty in getting the strips properly located, but probably would have had difficulty had I chose to do one of the other projects.


Here is my project. I chose the easy version as I am limited on time.


I chose the easy one. URL Still running into some issues with one of the life sciences, so I am trying to save time. However, this one seemed very easy–makes me wonder if I missed something.


I think this is it. I chose easy again because I’m working alone and it’s getting close to the deadline!


Which challenge question did you chose, and why? I chose to do the first challenge: to add copper plates.
URL for public link.
What did you struggle with most? I struggle with the actual content and truly understanding the chemical reactions that are taking place to then represent them accurately in the model. Chemistry is not my content area normally.
Is there anything else you still need help with? In this particular model, I do not understand why the procedure I have in place for when copper collides with water is NOT taking place. I cannot see my cyan spheres. :frowning:

I chose this one because I did not do this one at the in class sessions. Also without having to purchase the materials and possible hazards with doing actual experimentation, this shows what could happen anyway. Challenge was debugging.


I choses to add the additional copper strip. I wanted to explore an easy challenge that would be accessible to my struggling students. A minor struggle, I had to debug my code because I edited the pasted code quickly and put the new x coordinates in the size trait. I do not need additional help a this time.

  1. Easy Challenge
  3. I struggled with where the correct copper tab was to create the extra copper and how to place it at different coordinates.
  4. I think I got this one.


I chose the easy challenge.
I struggled with making 3 strips. Took me awhile to figure out where my problem was. Once I discovered it, it made a lot of sense.


1.I started with the easy one so that I could make sure I code manipulate the code.
3.This was an easier way to see if I could successfully change the code with a working outcome.
4. At this time, I just need to find class time to put Code into place and run with it.

  1. We, Tracy Conover and I, chose the easy challenge of adding copper strips. We chose the easy to be sure we fully understood the process and code.
  3. We first chose to change the current code to be sure we understood what it was saying. Once we had that figured out, then we got busy deciding how to add the copper strip.
  4. Having the answers would be most helpful. Reasoning out why something is there or not there is easier than not fully understanding what it is suppose to look like.