Embed pupil work in Google Sites (or elsewhere)


Is there a way of embedding pupil work from one of the Courses A - F into new Google Sites for use in an e-portfolio?


Hi! This is possible! Learn more here: https://sites.google.com/code.org/embed-csf/


Many thanks, this is a great step forward but I also want to embedded pupil work rather than project work i.e pupil working through Unit A and they want to show heir work from o be of the units.


I like the way you are thinking! As of right now, either the previously included steps would work, or simply including a direct link.


Neither of those options are working Megan. We use some programs that have a Publish option and they generate a hyperlink, this can then be embedded.


Is embedding a clickable preview not working?


By a clickable preview do you mean taking the hyperlink from a student page and embedding the url? I am trying this but I’m getting a different view of the code.org page i.e. the page in code.org has three instructions, when I link it in Google Sites it only has two instructions. What am I doing wrong here?


I’m embedding this url

and it shows a completed activity, when I view it in the Google Site I get this. This is the original activity that the student sees at the start of the activity.


Hi! The reason this is not working is that this is a maze level. Embedded links only work on lab and artist levels. An option for maze levels is to take screenshots.


Many thanks. I would like to see a system where pupils can embed any page. Do you think this could be possible?


Hi! We saved your feedback and shared it with the engineering team. There is no timeline as of now. Please keep the suggestions and feedback coming!


Thanks for your time and expertise.