Example Solutions Incomplete - eg Unit 2, Lesson 20, Part 9

In Lesson 20, at least, there are parts (eg 9 & on) where the Example Solution has incomplete code. Why is that if it’s supposed to be a solution?

My students and I are stumped in such situations.

Thanks for your help!

Gary Ellis
Creekside Middle School

Edit: removed answer.

Hi @misterellis,

I noticed those bubbles/parts each ask the student to do one task - as opposed to completing the entire code for the game. It looks to me like the example solutions give code for those particular tasks. Is this not the case for you? Or are you expecting the example solutions for each bubble/part to contain the code for the full working game?


Hi Frank is exactly right about our intentions for working on the project bubbles. Each solution just has the code up to that point in the project. If you want to see the whole game, you can find it in the last bubble. (I’ve removed the picture of the solution in case students happen upon the thread.)