Unit 3 Lesson 6 - Intro to Programming 20-21 curriculum

It states in the teaching guide that the answers for verified teachers are provided at the bottom of the instructions on code.org. I believe my account has been verified but I do not see the answers. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Answers can appear in different places depending on the type of question. For the “Check’s for Understanding” you should see the answer on the bubble that has the question. In Unit 3, Lesson 6, Step 7 you should see:

The answer will appear in the For Teachers Only box.

For programming steps the answers are not on every step. I don’t see any in Lesson 6. Some of the programs will have example solutions. Look at the Teacher’s Panel on the right side. You will see a button for an example solution if one is available. In Unit 3 Lesson 10 Step 2 you should see:

Does that help answer your question?

Hi @eileen.ferree - it looks like we missed adding sample answers for all of the programming levels in Lesson 6. I’ve put it on our list of things to address. Thanks for bringing to our attention!