Excel download of detailled Progress for an entire Section and Unit?


Is there any way to download an entire Unit’s progress indicators (green circles) for a Section I set up? I have access to the Progress https://code.org/teacher-dashboard#/sections/1577286/progress from my dashboard and know how to expand it to get more detail. I would love, however, to have a spreadsheet version of the entire Unit for all students in a Section – which I would then edit to get a good estimate of my grades.

If this isn’t possible, could the Progress web page be improved to (1) show column heading at the bottom and the top of the table, (2) provide a scroll bar at the bottom, (3) expand the size of the window vertically for the table so I can see an entire roster and (4) improve scrolling performance so I can drag the results back and forth so I can see a student across all lessons I have assigned?


I don’t believe what you want is currently available but I think what you asking for is useful. I recommend you send an email to support@code.org and ask them to consider adding this into the tools.

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