Explore PT - Written response 2b, development process for creating artifact

Is it just me, or is there no scoring incentive to answer written response 2b?

Written response 2b
2b. Describe your development process, explicitly identifying the computing tools and techniques you used to create your artifact. Your description must be detailed enough so that a person unfamiliar with those tools and techniques will understand your process.

Scoring Criteria:
Computational Artifact (and Written Response as needed)
1 Using Development Processes and Tools: The computational artifact identifies the computing innovation and provides an illustration,
representation, or explanation of the computing innovation’s intended purpose, function, or effect.
Written Response
2 Analyzing Impact of Computing: States a plausible fact about the computing innovation’s intended purpose or function.
3 Analyzing Impact of Computing: Identifies at least ONE effect of the computing innovation.
4 Analyzing Impact of Computing: Identifies a beneficial effect AND a harmful effect of the computing innovation. Explains how ONE of the
identified effects impacts or has the potential to impact society, economy, or culture.
5 Analyzing Data and Information: Identifies the data that the computing innovation uses. Explains how that data is consumed, produced, OR
6 Analyzing Data and Information: Identifies one storage, privacy, OR security concern. Explains how the concern is related to the computing
7 Finding and Evaluating Information: Provides inline citations of at least 3 attributed sources within the written response. The citations must be
used to justify the response.

I don’t see anywhere where 2b is ever evaluated…

I noticed that too! The new rubric does not account for 2b.

it’s not just you two-- it’s kind of hidden/not scored now. you could argue that it’s rolled up with the line for computational artifacts, which says “This score is based on the computational artifact. As needed, the written response can be used to provide additional information required to earn this point.”

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My guess was that it was to help judge plagerism and help the reviewer decide if the student actually created the artifact themself.


@cmeeks This was the answer the CollegeBoard reps gave in one of their webinars. They stated that it would be used in just such cases.


I have a student that needs more direction on his artifact because he fears that it might be plagerized. Is their any more direction on the artifact regarding using copy righted pictures or graphics?


Beyond the Course Overview document provided on the College Board, the only clarifications I have seen are from the CB teacher community. In my understanding, students need to create an original artifact. Assets used to create this artifact can come from another source but these assets must be properly cited or attributed. I think fair use guidelines would apply to this task but if a particular asset is questionable, I would recommend not using it.