Extra Practice for Unit 5 Lesson 5 Variables

This is my first year teaching Coding and everything was going great until we got to Unit 3 Lesson 5 Variables. My students are just not getting it. Are there any extra practice worksheets, sites, helps available?

This teacher’s tutorials REALLY helped me when I first started:

Students sometimes find them and just copy his answers, but he helped me understand the game lab environ and unit 3 a lot.

Hi @mgill !
Welcome to the forum! I’m so glad you stopped in. I completely understand how Variables might be a place where students (and teachers) start to feel a little lost. Code has excellent professional development opportunities - many of which are virtual - where teachers who participate generally leave with a much higher comfort level with the content. However, that doesn’t solve your problem in the here and now.
Code also has a list of recommended third party sites that might offer more practice for both your and your students.