Feature Request - teacher controlled progress through levels in a lesson

I have a feature request for the levels in any lesson.
As a teacher I would like to be able to control the pace at which students can progress through the levels. The teacher can toggle a switch to control when students can progress to the next level.

If the switch is “on”, the teacher will click a button in the lesson for the section the students are currently progressing through that will move them to the next level. Similar to going to the next slide in a presentation. Students can always start on the first level, but cannot progress to the 2nd level until the teacher clicks a “Next” button.

If the switch is “off”, the students can click the “Next” or “Finished” button to progress to the next level.

The default for the switch should be “off”.


These kinds of suggestions could be helpful for a number of teachers. I’m not sure how hard it would be to implement it, but the developers don’t frequently visit the forum. Suggestions like this can be sent to support@code.org so they can be passed on to those who prioritize upgrades!


Ahha, gotcha. I looked for a “request a feature” link but didn’t immediately see one. I’ll send this to support as well. Thanks.