Final assessment for accelerated intro to cs course

I was hired 5 days before the school year began and I’m still learning the program. I am getting no help from those teaching the class at other schools in the district as to what I should use/create as a final assessment for this class. Any suggestions?

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Hi @bobd - which course are your teaching (CSF, CSD, CSP, etc.). Many teachers have shared ideas on assessments in the forum, and I can point you in the best direction if I have some more information.

Best wishes to you taking on this great adventure!

~ Hannah

Hi Hannah,
I believe Bob and I are looking for the same thing… the course is " Accelerated Intro to CS Course". (This 20-hour course covers the core computer science and programming concepts in courses 2-4. The course is designed for use with ages 10-18. Check out courses 2-4 for a more complete experience!)
I am open to anything at this point. Thanks

Hi Hannah,

I am also brand new to teaching CS Discoveries this year and my district wants a diagnostic assessment for the 2nd week of school. I will teach half of the course to 7th grade students and attempt to teach the whole course to 8th grade students this school year. Please HELP!