For Teachers Only [key] Link is missing

I tried to navigate to the key but the link from the Teaching guide does not work. Any assistance?

“Answers for this level can be found in the exemplar linked on Level 1.


Hi, are you a verified teacher? If so, when you follow the link to Level 1, you should see a link to the exemplar doc inside a blue “For Teachers Only” box near the bottom of the page.

If you can’t see the blue box, then you probably are not a verified teacher. You will need to follow the instructions here to get your account verified so that you have access to the example solutions and exemplars. Becoming a Verified Teacher


Thank you for getting back. I see my error! I am a verified teacher and found the exemplar for the Representing numbers activity guide, however, I did not realize that the 2nd page of the exemplar had the examples for level 2.
All is well now