Forum Dropdown Organization


Hi there!

In looking at the dropdown for the forum, it is rather difficult to navigate between CSD and CSP units; the forum title is truncated which creates a long list of “CS Discoveries…” The user has to hover and read the individual unit via the tool tip or go to the main forum.

I’m assuming that this dropdown size might scale with a larger monitor, but on a laptop, its a little tough to find a specific forum. Maybe the titles can start with a shorthand, such as CSD U1 for Computer Science Discoveries Unit 1?


Hey @tresley thanks for the feedback. We’ve been racing to get our curriculum and programming tools ready for the summer but the forum hasn’t yet had that engineering love. We’re going to be looking soon at how we can improve navigation through the forums and we’ve recorded your feedback for when we do so. Keep letting us know when you have questions or suggestions!