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I’ve having a hard time finding other chart properties that we can manipulate using the options parameter. What should I search online to find other possibilities?

There are only four shown in the API on

As a reminder here is my code. I want to find more objects to add to options.
var options = {};
options.title = “Populatiry of Hashtags Over Time”;
options.colors = [“purple”,“orange”];
options.subtitle = “According to Twitter”;
drawChartFromRecords(“chart1”, “line”, “hashtags”, [“monthsSinceJan2012”, “tbtPopularity”, “nofilterPopularity”],options);


Looking into this. There should be a response soon.


Hey @jhall9 sorry this has been sitting for so long. I wanted to let you know that the charting functionality in App Lab is just an embedded version of Google Charts. Here’s the Bar Charts API but if you navigate from there you can read about other types of manipulations you can do with the tool.

Having explored this API myself I’ll caution that not every component of it seems to be implemented so you sometimes have to do a little bit of experimentation. If you’re having issues know 1. it’s not you and 2. you can and should reach out for more help.